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Socialist Alliance NSW media release

"The NSW and other state governments are also to blame for the latest shameful and outrageous results of the Closing The Gap Report tabled by PM Tony Abbott in federal parliament today," said Sharlene Leroy-Dyer the lead Socialist Alliance candidate for the Legislative Council in the upcoming March 28 NSW elections.

"The Abbott government's cruel $550-million-cut to funding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander funding in its last failed budget is certainly culpable but the cuts go deeper with state government cuts to Aboriginal community services.

"Impending state government plans to cut essential services to remote Aboriginal communities will, on the contrary, widen the gap.

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"NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird is in danger of going the way of his Queensland counterpart Campbell Newman, if he continues down the path of selling essential public assets," Howard Byrnes, Socialist Alliance candidate for the NSW Legislative Council, said on February 11.
"The issue of power industry privatisation effectively brought down the Newman Liberal-National Party government in...

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The dramatic dumping of the Liberal National Party government of Campbell Newman in Queensland has starkly revealed the ongoing popular opposition to the Coalition's program of cutbacks and privatisation. It has thrown the federal Liberals into a leadership crisis.

This is a tremendous boost for all progressive people...

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“Greece is turning the page,” SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras told an ecstatic crowd on January 25. The radical left party had just come first in historic elections in Greece with 36.3% of the vote.
“Greece leaves behind the austerity that caused its destruction. It leaves behind fear and intimidation; it leaves behind five years of humiliation and grief. Greece advances with hope, with...

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Joseph Elu, chair of the Torres Strait Regional Authority, told Radio National’s PM on January 5 that the islands that have been home to Indigenous people for thousands of years are “being inundated”, right now because of climate change.
“A couple of our islands, the tide rises over the sea walls of the beachfront and it flows under the houses and out the other end ... They’re predicting...

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Who we are

The Socialist Alliance, a nationwide, anti-capitalist political party, aims to bring together those wanting to build broad campaigns against neo-liberal austerity, war, injustice and oppression.

We stand for socialism — a democratic society run by and for working people.


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