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Finance minister Mathias Cormann has threatened the opposition parties that if they continue to block key budget measures — such as the demolition of universal health care and welfare, the deregulation of university fees, and the hike in the interest rate on student HECS debts — then the government would be forced to look at raising taxes.

On the surface it is a ridiculous threat. If the opposition parties have the numbers to block these nasty measures in the Senate then they also have the numbers to block any tax rises. However, the political logic of making this threat is to reinforce the neoliberal posture that lower taxes are innately a good thing.

But Cormann's tax threat was “brave” because today only a small number of people buy this lie.

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The Socialist Alliance is proudly supporting the protests against "Team Abbott" on this weekend that have been organised by March Australia.

Over $40 billion in budget measures are currently held up in the senate with opposition parties... READ MORE

For the fifth time since their election in September last year, thousands of Australians will take to the streets in protest against Tony Abbott Coalition's government.

These mobilisations have been critical to keep the pressure on the Labor Party, Greens and independents to stand firm in opposing the government's budget, which will bring austerity, cuts and privatisation.


Media reports about a deal being struck this week between the Australian government and Cambodia to resettle refugees from Nauru have been denied by Immigration and Border Protection Minister Scott Morrison. However the government has confirmed that negotiations towards a memorandum of understanding was continuing.

The federal government is determined to keep any details under wraps... READ MORE

Students across the country will be protesting the Abbott government's attacks on education as part of a national day of action coordinated by the National Union of Students on Wednesday 20 August.

3pm, State Parliament

2pm, Queens Park... READ MORE

The social welfare cuts proposed in the federal government's May budget are a direct attack on working people and the poor. If implemented, they would represent a huge shift in income from the poor to the rich. This harsh reality is backed up by partial figures released by Treasury to Fairfax Media under Freedom of Information.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported on August 4: "... READ MORE

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