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The ebola outbreak in West Africa is "unquestionably the most severe acute public health emergency in modern times", World Health Organisation (WHO) director general Dr Margaret Chan said on October 14.

No vaccines exist to fight the disease because it has been largely confined to poor African countries. Chan said: “A profit-driven pharmaceutical industry had no incentive to make products for countries that could not pay,” the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Figures released by WHO on October 11 revealed that more than 4000 people have died from the ebola virus since the beginning of the outbreak in March. Most of those were... Read more

In an atmosphere of manufactured hysteria about “Muslim terrorists” in our midst, the Coalition government has introduced sweeping attacks on civil liberties in Australia.

Prime minister Tony Abbott declared that the “balance between freedom and security may have to shift” and that “there may be more restrictions on some so that there can be more protection for others”.

The stage...

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Speech at solidarity rally for Kobanê , Melbourne, October 11, 2014 by Dave Holmes from the Socialist Alliance

Kobanê’s heroic resistance to the ‘Islamic State’ gangs has won admiration and support around the world.

It is now in the 25th day of resistance against overwhelming odds. Every day Kobanê holds out shows the rotten role of NATO member Turkey.

The IS has...

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On the evening of September 25, a 26-year-old women was brutally bashed by another women on an Upfield line train as it pulled into Batman Station in North Coburg, and then thrown from the carriage while the train was still moving. The assault was accompanied by racist and Islamophobic abuse directed at victim.

Sue Bolton, Socialist Alliance member and Moreland City councillor, who...

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This updated resolution was adopted by the Socialist Alliance National Council on October 4.

1. Socialists have always supported the legitimate national aspirations of the Kurdish people, left divided by the colonial powers at the end of World War I between four countries.
2. The struggle of the Kurdish and other communities in Rojava (the liberated zone in northern...

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Melbourne Socialist Alliance media release September 26, 2014

The only facts that the public know about the death of Melbourne teenager Numan Haider is that he was shot and killed by the police on September 23 and that two Victorian police officers were stabbed.

Despite statements to the contrary in the media, we don't know the circumstances of the struggle between the...

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