"The National Union of Students organises national days of action, in which students around the country take part in rallies to fight back against the latest round of attacks against public education. This year, students are continuing to fight the biggest attack on accessible education since HECS was introduced in 1989."

Popular concern grows for the wellbeing of refugees in detention, as over 700 asylum seekers on Manus Island enter their 8th day of hunger strike, and up to 200 are now suffering dehydration. Witnessing an outpour of reports detailing increasingly desperate acts of self harm, the Australian public stands up to say enough to the torture of refugees, and calls on the coalition government for compassion.

In a world that is increasingly devastated by austerity, militarism and a looming ecological crisis, millions of young people are looking around for an alternative to the unjust social structures and policies that reign across the globe. In the face of neo-liberal economic policies and increasingly violent and oppressive governments, new movements are rising to challenge the powers that be. However, what is not always clear is that there is a viable alternative to the global economic system, and that alternative is worth struggling for.

With elections for various student bodies about to begin on campuses, Resistance has been discussing its general orientation.

The federal Coalition government plans to ramp up Work for the Dole for job seekers under 30.

The struggle against education cuts has exploded onto the national stage in the lead up to and following the budget announcement by the Abbott Liberal-National Coalition government, a budget set to massively increase student debt.

by Dr. Radut