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Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance is a network of young activists within Socialist Alliance.

We oppose the exploitation, oppression and environmental destruction brought about by the capitalist system and believe that a better, socialist society will be achieved by people taking action and working together in their workplaces and communities.

For this reason, we are active as part of Socialist Alliance in progressive movements for change and helping to build them. Our party also stands in elections, not to "represent" people's movements, but to strengthen them and help them win their demands.

The Socialist Alliance seeks to work with all progressive and left wing groups and individuals in order to achieve these goals.

We recognise that young people - students, young workers, unemployed - have a huge role to play in building the movements to make fundamental social change. Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance seeks to find ways to engage and educate young people on issues of Australian and global politics and get them active in movements that can change the world.

Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance is made up of young members of the Socialist Alliance, a party that has brought together socialists from different backgrounds and traditions. Resistance is actively involved in grassroots activism and helping build the Alliance’s campaigns.

Find us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/youngsocialistalliance
Twitter: twitter.com/AusResistance
Email: resistancenationaloffice@gmail.com

Join Resistance!

"The National Union of Students organises national days of action, in which students around the country take part in rallies to fight back against the latest round of attacks against public education. This year, students are continuing to fight the biggest attack on accessible education since HECS was introduced in 1989."

Join your local rally on MARCH 25


10 reasons to join the National Day of Action rallies against fee-deregulation:

Popular concern grows for the wellbeing of refugees in detention, as over 700 asylum seekers on Manus Island enter their 8th day of hunger strike, and up to 200 are now suffering dehydration. Witnessing an outpour of reports detailing increasingly desperate acts of self harm, the Australian public stands up to say enough to the torture of refugees, and calls on the coalition government for compassion.

To draw attention to these human rights abuses by the Australian government, and to support the peaceful protest of the asylum seekers on Manus Island, members of Resistance Young Socialist Alliance are entering a national 24 hour hunger strike, from 12noon EDST (20th January) to 12noon EDST (21st January).

Resistance Young Socialist Alliance has released the following statement around the protest:

"We are embarking on a national hunger strike in solidarity with the brave struggle of the asylum seekers on Manus Island. We join their protest against the cruel, and inhumane treatment of refugees on Manus Island, Nauru, and the camps within Australia. We add our voices to theirs, and demand an end to the violence and neglect of asylum seekers in Australia.

It is our belief that no human being is ever illegal, that migration is a human right and that the Australian government should release every person unjustly jailed in the detention center system.

We unwaveringly support the right of asylum seekers to protest their illegal imprisonment and echo their demand for an end to the callous policy of mandatory detention."

Resistance Young... READ MORE

In a world that is increasingly devastated by austerity, militarism and a looming ecological crisis, millions of young people are looking around for an alternative to the unjust social structures and policies that reign across the globe. In the face of neo-liberal economic policies and increasingly violent and oppressive governments, new movements are rising to challenge the powers that be. However, what is not always clear is that there is a viable alternative to the global economic system, and that alternative is worth struggling for.

Radical Ideas is a conference for young people who are looking to build the politics of an alternative. It is a weekend of discussion and debate on how young people can best organise to build a new politics for radically more democratic, equal and just future. It is a conference for socialist, feminist, environmentalist and anti-racist youth to come together and unite around the issues we care about.

The Radical Ideas conference will be held in Geelong, Victoria from Friday 5th December to Sunday 7th December at the Geelong Trades Hall. 127 Myers Street, Geelong, Victoria, 3220.
On Monday the 8th of December Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance members and invited guests will participate in closed sessions to elect a new leadership of Resistance, skill sharing sessions, and other decision making sessions.

Radical Ideas is hosted by Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance, which is the youth wing of the Socialist Alliance.

For the full conference agenda and accommodation information please visit the official... READ MORE


With elections for various student bodies about to begin on campuses, Resistance has been discussing its general orientation.

These elections (in 2014 for 2015) are taking place as public education faces a huge attack with the Coalition government determined to deepen the user-pays system, already entrenched by its ALP predecessors.

Since the introduction of the Higher Education Contribution Scheme, upfront tuition fees and the Voluntary Student Unionism laws, campus life has changed. The reduction (in real terms) of youth allowance (Austudy/Abstudy) has meant that students are more often then not also casual workers and sometimes part-time carers for a family member.

In this neo-liberal context, progressive and socialist tickets on campuses can get a good hearing. Many students see the value of supporting progressive activists running for student councils to fight the attacks on education, and help generate progressive change for students on the campuses.

Resistance's approach to student elections fits within its broader framework of social change through the building of mass action. This means a conscious approach to involving students in progressive campaigns (and tickets) because only when new activists are actively involved, and "taking ownership" in the campaigns, can progressive campaigns become stronger.

This approach to progressive change informs our approach to student elections.

RYSA resolution

Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance believes there is merit in running in student... READ MORE

Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance released this statement on May 30.

The federal Coalition government plans to ramp up Work for the Dole for job seekers under 30.

From July 1, it will apply in 18 high unemployment regions across Australia, and will be rolled out nationwide from July 1 next year.

The program, which was initiated under the John Howard government, forces long-term unemployed young people (those who have been receiving Newstart Allowance or Youth Allowance for more than 12 months) to work 15 hours a week for six months. Refusal to work could result in being penalised one tenth of their fortnightly payment for every day absent, which will cut deep into wages that are already below the poverty line.

This is not a choice for young Australians. This is a threat, it is forced labour, and it is wrong.

Recent high-profile corporate announcements of mass redundancies and decreasing rates of university graduate employment demonstrate that it is increasingly hard for both unskilled and well-educated people to find work.

Despite this, young people are once again being told it is their fault they cannot find work, and it is time to stop being lazy and lift themselves up.

This is a slap in the face to young unemployed people across the nation, made worse by a budget that cuts 16,500 public service jobs, but has no significant plans to create other jobs.

This is accompanied by factory closures in traditionally working-class communities, such as Geelong.

The government is cutting programs that are... READ MORE

Statement of Resistance: Young Socialist Alliance May 22, 2014

The struggle against education cuts has exploded onto the national stage in the lead up to and following the budget announcement by the Abbott Liberal-National Coalition government, a budget set to massively increase student debt. With a series of political stunts and protests against individual Liberal Party politicians, there has been a serious political response to these fee increases and cuts, not just by students but by all young people. It is these sorts of stunts and actions that have been raising consciousness around the threat to students and need to continue, forcing the liberals to run with their tails between their legs as increasingly empowered students chase them from the campuses.

As well as this, students supported staff at the University of Technology Sydney when the National Tertiary Education Union called a strike in support of a sacked staff member. It is vital that students and staff, as well as members of broader community, support the demands of university workers in order to defend our education system from Coalition attacks. We are also encouraged to see workers from the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) joining the staff and students on the picket.

This was followed by an explosion of anger at the May 21 National Day of Action, called by the National Union of Students, against the attacks on students. Thousands of students marched in the major cities, with clashes with police ensuing in Sydney and Melbourne when police violently... READ MORE

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